Electronic Patient and Employee Medical Record Solutions for Your Business.

Pride Journal™ is the world leading Electronic Patient and Employee Medical Records Solutions for large businesses developed by Health in Focus AS

As a tool within your organization it will enable you to:

    • Manage the health of your staff
    • Lower operational costs
    • Effectively coordinate medical records for multiple health offices and work sites
    • Comply to regulatory requirements
    • Meet stringent confidentiality laws for personal health information.


Health in Focus realizes the health data management challenges faced by businesses today and has created a simple and user friendly solution to match the needs of large business.

Are you concerned about:

  • Having multiple health offices?
  • Coordinated medical records?
  • Having an effective medical organization?
  • Having a streamlined medical organization?

Read more about Pride Journal™ and how it can help you to solve these problems.

Limited internet connection? Read more about Pride Journal Remote™

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